Get Started

Please note, we just launched this service, so we are still tuning the process. Some steps that will be automated in the future, are manual now. And we are also trying out different tools and processes. But, rest assured, our focus is on getting you up and running on our machines and letting you run your models.

Running on

Here is the process you will follow to contact us, get an agreement in place, set up your environment, and then run.

Step 1: Write down some basic information and send it to us

To better serve you, we need to know what you want to do. You can download this form or just shoot the basics to us in an e-mail. We need to know:

  • Physics
  • Proposed solver and any special options you need
  • Estimated mesh size
  • If transient, how many iterations
  • What steps you will do on CoresOnDemand: meshing, pre-processing, run, post processing
  • If you have run the model on another system, a brief summary of the system and how long it took
  • Licensing: use existing or lease
  • Key dates: When do you think you will need to start running, any deadlines you need to meet.
  • Your ANSYS customer number and the person or company you buy ANSYS from
  • Contact information (name, company, phone, e-mail)

E-mail this information to

Step 2: Develop a plan

We will get back to you within one business day with a plan to get you up and running on our system. We may have some questions, or we may be able to develope a quote from the initial information. We will work together to solidify an approach and deliver a quote to you.

The plan will include steps to secure licensing, the nodes we propose you run on, and schedules. It will also include the cost.

Step 3: Make it legal

Once you agree to the plan and sign it, the plan will be the contract between you and PADT, Inc. You then need to pay. If you have credit with PADT, we can take a PO. If not, we can take a down payment (usually 25% of the estimated cost) by wire or credit card.

Step 4: Set up your environment

Our team will create a login for you, load any additional software you need, and make sure that you have access to keys. This step may also involve working with your ANSYS provider to get the additional licenses you need. At the end of this step we will send you an e-mail that contains all the information you need to log in, send files, and get going.

Step 5: Run

You now have access to leading edge compute power. We will get out of your way and let you crunch numbers. But, if you have any problems, we are just an e-mail or phone call away.

If you run out of time and still need resources, we can issue an extension if someone else has not reserved the resources. It is important to let us know as soon as possible if you think you will go over.

Step 6: Close out

Once you are done, we will close out. You will be asked to complete a form telling us what to do with your data. You may want us to just leave it there, we will arange storage for a nominal fee. Or you may have us copy it to a hard drive and mail that to you.

We will follow your instructions then completely wipe all the user files you left behind. We basically rebuild the nodes you used from scratch with a standard image, so even software you installed or files out their in strange directories will be gone.

Our last step will be to send you an invoice for any remaining balance on the service.

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