Expert Consulting is more than computer hardware. It is computational resources backed up by a team of IT Professionals and Engineers that understand how to use both the hardware and the software to do simulation. We will make sure you are set up and ready to run, and even help you with your model.

With most "cloud computing" services you simply get phone support on how to use their equipment. With we not only support interacting with our cluster, but also how to set up your runs, setting parameters to get the most out of the hardware, and even helping you debug models that are crashing or not converging.

Support and Consulting Included

When you purchase time on our compute nodes, you also get some consulting hours included. The amount depends on how many nodes and how long you will be running. You quote will include the number of hours available, and you can log in and check your account to see how much is left.

Additional Consulting

If you run in to a tough problem, maybe with convergence or debugging a User Defined Function in FLUENT, you can by additional consulting by the hour. You can even ask us to mesh, build your model, shepherd your runs, and post-process. Any part of the analysis process can be outsourced to us. Want someone to discuss turbulence model options with? The more difficult the better. Or, we can just help when you get stuck or run in to problem.

We are Here to Make you Successful

Both our IT and simulation engineers are just an e-mail or phone call away. And because we are on site with the systems, we can quickly get in and see what is going on, and help you get your runs done. The point is, we are experts, we are here, and we can help.

Simulation Expertise Behind the Hardware

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