ANSYS Software Licensing for HPC

In order to run ANSYS, Inc's software on, you need a valid product license for the tool you want to use. ANSYS products use network licensing and any time you run on our machines, batch or interactive, you need to check out the proper license Our staff is here to help with configurations or by interacting with whoever you purchase your ANSYS from in order to get keys available to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I Have ANSYS Licenses I Want to Use

The most common way to use an existing key is to connect your license server to our servers by establishing a virtual private network (VPN) to your file server. This connection will only be available to people logged in to your user ID. Our IT professionals will work with your IT professionals to help set this up and make sure everything is robust and secure.

If you have license key sharing enabled, then you can also check out a license from your pool and move it to our license server. This is actually easier and guarantees that a key is available for you on Our team is ready to help you check if this method is possible. We will then show you how to check out a key and will install in on our server for you.

I Will Need to Lease Product Licenses

Most users need an additional license, because security constraints keep them from sharing an existing key, they do not have enough licenses, or they need to run a product that they do not have a license for. As an ANSYS Channel partner, we know the ANSYS sales and licensing teams well, and we can do all the leg work to get you a quote, secure the keys, and install them for you.

In addition, we can discuss the problems you want to run on and suggest the most cost effective combination of licenses.

Not a Problem, We Will Take Care of the Details

Sometimes you may use both approaches - maybe lease additional HPC tasks and use your existing solver. Whatever it takes, we will make it happen.

Unlike with other remote solving solutions, PADT is uniquely qualified to make the process of getting access to license keys a simple step in setting up your access to our system. We understand the licensing, know who to talk to in order to get things done, and will take care of the leg work to make it happen. Do not let licensing keep you from using as your solution.

Two Ways to Get a License

PADT is here to facilitate either approach workign with your ANSYS supplier and get you up and running as fast as possible.

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