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General Questions

How do I get started?
Click on 'Get Started' at the top of every page on this sight. It will walk you through the whole process.
Is CoresOnDemand.com an HPC Time Sharing Service?
No, CoresOnDemand.com is an HPC system rental service. Instead of paying for time on our machines, you are paying for the exclusive use of one or more machines over a period of time.
How is CoresOnDemand.com Different from other HPC ""cloud"" solutions?
The biggest difference is the CoresOnDemand.com is focused on ANSYS, Inc. products. Our company, PADT, is an ANSYS Channel Partner that sells, supports, and does consulting work with those same products. As experts in the use of these tools, we have configured the systems we offer to maximize the value to our users. We can also offer expert support when users run in to a problem. You will never here ""I don't know, looks like a problem with FLUENT, call them"" from our support team. The second biggest difference is that we are renting dedicated machines instead of time on machines. You log on to a machine and work interactively or submit batch runs. Your choice.
Can I run programs other than ANSYS, Inc. Products on CoresOnDemand.com?
We allow users to run open source solvers and any utility software that is open source or that the user has a license for. We do not allow users to run simulation software that competes with ANSYS, Inc's product offerings.
How Much Does it Cost?
Under our rental model, we charge by the machine per day. Each node we offer has a rental fee per day that varies depending on the hardware in that node. Please contact us to get a price quote?
I'm not in the US, can I use CoresOnDamend.com?
No. Right now we only allow registered ANSYS, Inc. customers in the United States to run. We hope to add other countries in the future, but we want to focus on operational efficiency right now and avoid the complications of cross-border transactions.
How many cores and which node type should I rent?
That depends on your model and what you want to do. Visit the 'Get Started' for some links and suggestions. We also do run benchmarks for a small fee if you need to size your model.
What is the smallest amount of time I can rent?
Three days is the current minimum rental. You must rent in 1 day increments.
When does the rental day start and stop?
Your rental day runs from 12:00 Midnight to 12:00 Midnight, Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is Arizona time and your ANSYS licenses will work off this same time.
Is there a volume discount?
Yes. 5% off for every 5000 core-days that you rent.
What if I finish running before my rental time is complete?
If you finish before your rental time is done and you have more than one day remaining, we will refund you half of the unused rental fees. If you leased a license, you will not be refunded on your ANSYS Leased license.
What if I am NOT done before my rental time is complete?
We want to make sure you can keep working, but the machines you are on may be rented to another customer. We will try and find a way for you to rent additional hardware immediately, or as soon as it becomes available. If we need to save your work, we will make a backup of all the machines and restore them when you come back. You will need to extend your ANSYS leases if you are using leases.

ANSYS Licensing

When I rent machines, does the price include ANSYS Licenses?
No. You must obtain a license or set up your machine to make your license server visible to CoresOnDemand.com
I am not a current ANSYS customer, can I run on CoresOnDemand.com?
No. You must purchase a license and become an ANSYS customer before we will rent time on our machines.
Can I use the ANSYS licenses I own to run?
Yes. You will need to make your license server visible to CoresOnDemand.com. Our staff can help find the best way to do this and assist you and setting up the connection.
Can I get one quote, and issue one PO for both ANSYS licenses and machine rentals?
Contact us and we should be able to work something out.
What licenses do I need?
You will need licenses for whatever ANSYS products you need to run, and HPC licenses. Our support team is here to help you determine what the most efficient configuration is.

Crashes, Outages, and other Problems

What happens if my run crashes? Do I get my a refund or more time?
If there is a crash because of a problem with CoresOnDemand.com, you will get additional time. If the crash is due to user error, a software bug, or running out of memory or disk, then there is no refund. Remember, you are renting the machines. If you bought the machine and your run crashed because of a user error or a bug, would the person you bought the machine from give you a refund?
Do I get additional time if CoresOnDemand.com experiences a power or internet failure?
Yes. This is our fault and we will push back your schedule for as long as the outage occurs.
My model will not converge and I'm running out of time, can you help?
Yes. That is one of the special things about CoresOnDemand.com, our ANSYS expertise. You get 2 hours of free technical consulting with every week of rental. We can provide additional support at our standard hourly rate.


What happens to my files when I'm done running?
We completely wipe and rebuild every machine when a user is done using that machine. We will make a copy of all user files before we wipe the machine. That copy is compressed and encrypted and we will keep it for 30 days at no cost. If you would like to have us keep it longer, there is a small fee. We can also burn the files to Blu-ray or load them on a USB hard drive and ship that to you, for a fee.
Can other users see my files?
No. You are the only user that can log in to the machines you are renting, or view any files on those machines.
Is the connection secure?
All connections use a form of encryption: SSH, HTTPS, or encrypted VPN.
Who can see my files?
Only you, PADT's IT staff, or any engineers that are offering you support can see files on the machines. The CoresOnDemand.com cluster is on its own network that is not connected to PADT's network.
Is CoresOnDemand.com an ITAR Compliant Service?
Yes, PADT is an ITAR compliant compnay, including CoresOnDemand.com. Specifically:
a- access to the data is limited to the customer, and U.S. Citizen system admins at PADT Inc.
b- all communication in or out of the data center is encrypted including the Graphical VNC sessions.
c- the systems are located in a restricted access location that complies with ITAR.
d- no foreign parties will have access to the data, data is not transferred to or through any location that is outside the United States.

Using CoresOnDemand.com

When I'm done, how do I get my files back?
You can use SCP to copy any files back to your facility. For a fee, we can also put files on a hard drive or Blu-ray disk and ship it to you.
Can I submit a run directly from a machine in my office?
Yes. We can help you configure ANSYS RSM to work with CoresOnDemand.com. In the future we will also support ANSYS EKM. Otherwise, you will need to move all files you need for a solve on to the machines you have rented, and submit from the visualization node you are assigned.
How do I get files to the machines I'm renting?
We are currently using SCP to transfer files.

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