Transferring Files

There are several ways to get file to the nodes you have been assigned:


SSH is enable for most logins, unless a user has requested that it be blocked. Use scp with your password from a command prompt/shell to transfer files to and from your nodes. If you are not comfortable operating from a command line, then you can use Putty or WinSCP to transfer files.


FTP is reliable and the workhorse of the internet, but not as secure as SCP or other methods. Because of this we have FTP turned off by default. It can be turned on by user request. Once enabled, use the command or an FTP client to log in to any of the nodes you have access to.


If you have large files that will take too long to send over the internet, contact the CoresOnDemand team and we will range to transfer your data via thumb drive or external drives using a package service. This applies to sending us data or our off-loading data and sending it to you. There will be an additional charge for the labor involved as well as the shipping if we use our carrier.

Coming Soon - Fast and Secure Transfer

We are evaluating several high-speed encrypted file transfer services and if we find one we like, we will share how to use it here on this page.

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