High performance computing for simulation is all about optimizing the hardware and software settings for a given application. One size does not fit all and trying to establish a system that will work across a wide variety of solvers only results in establishing a least common denominator. In addition, to get the most out of a given hardware-software combination, you need to know the solver software intimately. Not knowing the tuning tricks results in slow runs or even crashes.

Focus with Expertise

CoresOnDemand.com solves these problems by focusing on just the numerical simulation tools from ANSYS, Inc. PADT has been a user of and support provide for ANSYS, Inc. products since 1994. We are recognized in the user community as true technical experts on these software products. Combining over 20 years of usage and providing technical support with our close relationship with other power users and ANSYS, Inc. developers, PADT brings a unique and powerful understanding of the software that no other provider of compute services can offer.

Not Just Buying Time on a Machine

When you solve on CoresOnDemand.com you are getting more than seconds on a CPU. You get access to a team of IT professionals and ANSYS users who specialize in nothing but solving simulation problems with ANSYS software. Dedicated expertise that results in faster runs, less crashing, and the tools that will make you more efficient as a user.

Focus on ANSYS, Inc. Products

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