What make CoresOnDemand.com Different

When PADT started thinking about offering a "cloud" solution for its customers we sent out an opinion poll and called some users we were close with. Several key lessons came from this research:

  1. Paying for remote CPU access by the CPU minute didn't work well. The users felt huge pressure to minimize the CPU time, actually slowing their productivity. In addition, when a mistake was made and a long run turned out to be useless, this caused a significant amount of frustration with users.
  2. Shared "cloud" resources had the disadvantage of being shared. Access and speed were variable and not predictable.
  3. The hardware was not optimized for ANSYS solvers (FLUENT, ANSYS, CFX, HFSS). Infiniband was not set up correctly, disk arrays were set up for redundancy and not performance, or the amount/type of RAM was wrong.
  4. Dealing with getting licenses to run on 3rd party clusturs was a real pain.
  5. What people really wanted was the ability to rent a machine for a set amount of time and have that machine to themselves.

We took this information and also thought about what we would want if we didn't have access to the awesome hardware we have in house, and we designed CoresOnDemand.com to be something different. Even though the logo shows clouds, it is really not a "cloud" solution. It is more of a rental solution.

Your Own Nodes

With CoresOnDemand.com experienced users can reserve multiple nodes for their exclusive use, load what they want how they want on it, log in interactively, and do their job. The interactive part works because we use NICE DCV. Once on the system users can move files around where they want them, copy over scripts or UDF's, and even load their own software.


PADT is recognized around the world for their expertise with the ANSYS product family. From helping users compile UDF's for FLUENT to the intricacies of APDL programming, PADT knows ANSYS Mechanical, FLUENT, CFX, HFSS and all the products that work with these fantastic solvers. We have been supporting ANSYS users in the Southwest since 1994, and our blog The Focus is read around the world. All of this expertise is available to users of CoresOnDemand.com to help them set up, run, and debug their models. That same expertise is sued to design the CoresOnDemand.com cluster specifically for ANSYS software.

ANSYS Channel Partner

Just as PADT's ANSYS expertise helps on the technical side, our long relationship with ANSYS, Inc makes a huge difference. In fact, the owners of PADT have been working with ANSYS, Inc for over 30 years. As an ANSYS Channel partner that is well known and well respected by the entire organization, PADT can streamline the process of getting licenses for use on CoresOnDemand.com much easier.

Experience the Difference

The best way for any potential user to understand how CoresOnDemand.com is different is to simply give it a try. We now you will find the service to be that surge or large capacity resource you have been dreaming of.

Focused on your Success

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